Andrew B. White

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Originally from New Zealand and now based in New York City, Andrew B. White is an award-winning graphic designer, photographer, music producer and performer. He has worked for 30 years in all aspects of graphic design, specializing in the music and entertainment-based fields.

His photography includes personal projects and commissioned shoots. White gets great satisfaction from photography and it is part of his practice to take photos every day if possible. As an extension of his photography he also creates video works including music videos and experimental pieces. White’s photography subjects range from landscape and cityscapes to portraits and everyday encounters. He is deeply interested in recording the life he sees around him, and the transformative effects of light and climate conditions, as well as candid accounts of people in the street. His compositions often reveal the geometry of nature or human environments to our eye and all his work is inspired by a profound sensitivity to what he sees around him. 

The works in Anthropocene Vision show us sites of encounter between nature and humans, and demonstrate how everyday locations are transformed, at times by the eye of the artist. Nothing is stable or static. Views of Prospect Park, devoid of people, appear to be nature untouched. In fact the urban park represents a carefully designed and highly controlled environment, with introduced species like swans, manmade lakes, and striking architecture. It is usually alive with everyday human activity. Farm fencing in NZ Landscape is only just visible on the horizon, a miniature silhouette in the deepening dusk, barely revealing the subject. Much of New Zealand’s forested land has been stripped and turned into pasture since colonization in the 19th century, and farming is now a significant part of the country’s identity.      51 7th Avenue, New York, NY, 10011   Open Wed- Sunday 11 am- 7pm