uili lousi

Uili Lousi resonates in global cosmic transformations.

The symmetrical complex and intricate Tongan patterns, abstracted in rhythm, synchronicity, harmony and ultimately godly beauty, form the basis of Uili Lousi’s work. Uili weaves all of his experiences into his artistic practice to create vibrancy in his work that is described as ENERGY. His work depicts the stillness of FATA-O-TU’I-TONGA (TONGAN ROYAL MOTIFS), in Motion and Non-Motion. The repetitive motifs create a visual matrix and present a dialectical process of transition from traditional to contemporary and representation to abstraction. He expresses that it is like a fire that has no smoke and does not burn. It is just an inner mounting flame that only illuminates and is at peace with the soul. He takes the art of FATA-O-TU’ITONGA into new realms that emanate, permeate and emit LIGHT and ENERGY.