ronnie peters

Photographer Ronnie Peters is a New York based New Zealander. He is passionate about using photography to convey a message, to express a curiosity about what is going on about us in the word and a desire to express it visually. 

This series is about the beauty and fragility of nature. By getting very close to insects we can see things through the camera lens that we cannot observe with the naked eye, we can see the beauty in the wings and the eyes of the insects, and observe actions that are captured in a fraction of a second, gestures that are so fleeting that we miss them most of the time. 

As the insects fly through the air they are disintegrating, a comment and reflection of the fragility of nature. Mankind is destroying natural habitats for animals, large and small and New Zealand is by no means exempt from this story of animal and animal habitat destruction. Ever since people came to New Zealand, animals and entire species have been wiped out and threatened by the activities of humans.

As fragile and brief as these insects lives are, they play an incredibly important roll in the ecosystem of the planet and the web of life. 

These insects were all shot at Alberts Pond in Wall Township New Jersey (The Garden State).

The titles of the pieces add a level of humor and connection with human flying activities, putting ourselves at the scale of the insects.