Keke Brown currently lives in Brooklyn and is attending the National Academy, School of Fine Arts, Studio Intensive program. 

Keke began her career in the arts as a founding member of NZ’s first mixed ability dance company Touch Compass Dance Trust. She graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Pacific Studies. Focussing on postcolonial art and literature, to learn more about her Samoan heritage but also to explore the complexity of being a NZ born Pacific Islander and the cultural clash and challenge this can be. As an ‘afakasi NZ born Samoan woman who happens to also have a disability Keke can see all different perspectives. As a member of many minorities she is interested in how all people themselves interact and behave.

In 2013 Keke took a trip to New York. Catching the train every day she started to scribble again as she observed the city and its inhabitants. Living in New Zealand, being female, 'afakasi" (of mixed race) and having a disability Keke has often struggled to reconcile all her differences and never truly belonging in one. New York was an exhilarating change for her. Being a complete outsider afforded her a freedom to not be pinned down.  Drawing she started to explore the intersections of line, in particular the cross section of line and life itself. Six months later Keke returned to New York to pursue her dream of making art and living in New York City.