george nuku- patupatu plexiglass

George Nuku will be joining us for the last weeks in May 19 - 29. Bringing with him a collection of carved adornments in pearlshell, Paua and plexiglass. Opening reception Thursday 19 May from 5-8 pm.

George Nuku

George Nuku

Waihaka #4 13.7" x 5.5" $1500 

Meremere #2 14.5" x 4.3" $1500

Kotiate #2 15.3" x 5.1" $1500

Kotiate #2 15.3" x 5.1" $1500

Waihaka #1 14.9" x 5.3" $1500

Meremere #1 14.9" x 5.3" $1500

Kotiate #1 14.9" x 5.3"  $1500 

Waihaka #3 15.3" x 6.2" $1500

All pieces made with plexiglass, 0.6" thick

Photo credit Reinhart Cosaert

Patupatu Plexiglass 2016

The Patu forms are a direct link to the Heitiki works. but instead of worn from the neck they are firmly gripped & held aloft.

The ancestors were brilliant in this conception - for example in the Kotiate form you see the Tiki figure with eyes bulging, tongue protruding, neck stretched & extended to form the handle and shoulders & hips in Haka posture stance - the Wahaika form follows this also but only on one side edge.

The Patu / Mere form is a potent statement of life itself - the gladius shape of the body of the patu is a potrait of Ira Tane - male principle; The grooves on the butt when viewed end on reveals the essence of Ira wahine - female principle in the form of the vulva. The taking of life through killing is balanced by the act of procreation itself. These pieces are part of an ongoing creation of works in carved plexiglass 

George Nuku is a highly regarded Maori Artist working in stone, bone, wood, shell and polystyrene.  His works range from delicate jade and pearl amulets, stone sculptures of life size through to two story high Polynesian demi-gods and Maori cultural heroes.   He carries the tradition of his people handed down for thousands of years in an artform that promises to expand life and enhance survival.  He is well known in New Zealand and his work is highly sought after by the rich and poor alike.

New Zealand Shows include: Te Maori Exhibition 1985.  Te Ohonga Auckland War Memorial Museum 1986, 1990 -2000 solo and groups shows at Te Taumata and Mataora Art Galleries, Archill Gallery, Maunga Whau, Compendium, Gallery Pacific, Strange Cargo gallery, El Puente.  Auckland Museum, Dowse Museum, Waitangi Day celebration exhibitions each year.  Cultural Festivals such as Pasifika, annually.  A featured Artist in Te Urupatu a contemporary Maori art exhibition in the cow paddocks of Ruatoki, a pivotal Maori art exhibition for the people.

Overseas Exhibitions include Zooterneer Netherlands 2000. Featured Artist in One Giant Leap Documentary (England). Tahitian Festival, Tahiti 2002.   Telluride Gallery Colorado 2003.  National Geographic Office Washington DC.  Exposition at Native American Community House New York.      51 7th Avenue, New York, NY, 10011   Open Wed- Sunday 11 am- 7pm