Elements of movement:

Claire Price and Jasmin Canuel: October 5- 30


Informed by the ever-changing dance of the natural world, artist’s Jasmin Canuel and Claire Price offer an insight into their individual personal relationships with the primordial elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water in a new body of work on display at Ora Gallery during the month of October.

Both women are accomplished multi disciplinary artists; Canuel through dance, choreography and painting, and Price through music, photography and painting.

Movement becomes the common thread woven between both artists and their various disciplines as they explore a similar concern for their environment and their relationship to it.

Whether it be the black sand beaches of Piha on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand or the urban bustle of Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York city, both artists have created works which offer the viewer map of their imagination as inspired by the Elements of Movement found in Nature.