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We are delighted to announce a month of Art + Culture Projects, June 2 - 26


Join us for cocktails and conversation with artist Betty Tompkins and curator Kathy Battista 

Wednesday, June 22

6 – 8pm


We will be launching our new exhibition, curated by Kathy Battista, titled I'll Be Your Mirror, featuring new limited edition prints by Betty Tompkins, Cheryl Donegan, Cindy Hinant, and Narcissister. 

I'll Be Your Mirror is borrowed from the title of Nan Goldin's 1996 Whitney exhibition, which was inspired by the Velvet Underground song. The exhibition had an incredible impact: a woman artist occupying such a vast space of one of New York's most important museums, and packing such a powerful, emotional punch by using personal, everyday experiences in art practice.

The artists in this exhibition are all based in New York and reach across generations. Cheryl Donegan, Martin Gutierrez, Cindy Hinant, Narcissister, Tschabalala Self, and Betty Tompkins each engage with feminism from different perspectives, acting as mirrors of those who came before as well as for the practitioners who will come after. Today's emerging artists - Gutierrez, Hinant, Narcissister - engage with forms of popular media to question the representation of female experience in our society. Tompkins and Donegan adopt an abstracted, more textual approach to consider similar issues. The works speak across and to each other from different generational perspectives. - Kathy Battista


Scott Reader,  New Kinds of Music,  2015

Scott Reader, New Kinds of Music, 2015

June 2 - 12

We will present Anything For a Laugh: Humor in Contemporary Art, an exhibition of limited edition artworks that explore the subject of humor, curated by RISD Museum curator, Dominic Molon. Artists include: Stephanie Brooks, Alejandro Diaz, Casey Jane Ellison, Liam Gillick, Nina Katchadourian, Scott King, Harland Miller, Scott Reeder, and Tony Tasset.

June 15 - 26

Alongside a selection of works from the humor series we will present new limited edition artwork by Sarah Cain, Anna Sew Hoy, Betty Tompkins, Monica Majoli, Ruby Sky Stiler, Fiona Connor and Yinka Shonibare. Proceeds from the sale of these works will benefit our cultural partners MCA Chicago, RISD Museum, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, CAM St. Louis, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and Artadia.

All artworks are available to view and purchase now at

Exhibition programming including artist and curator talks, screenings and a comedy night will be held each Thursday evening for the month of June. The official schedule will be announced next week.

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